Monday, April 15, 2013

Melissa Joan Hart's Walk Of Shame

Good old MJH has taken a cue from Veronica Mars and started her own Kickstarter for her own project "Darci's Walk Of Shame". Taking it to the fans to help fund a movie where she can display her acting chops beyond a Hallmark Channel Actor.

Personally I love Kickstarter. It's been very good to me and my projects. And it's an excellent tool for not only fundraising but to also for really building an audience.

I really do love Melissa Joan Hart and I would love for her to succeed at this, but there is talk about how this Kickstarter hasn't really taken off like Veronica Mars and there are a few conversations online about why someone as popular as Melissa Joan Hart isn't getting the same kind of traction for her own project.

One of my issues is with one of the pledge rewards. At the $250 level you can pledge and get your name in the end credits as a Special Thank You. But then there is a disclaimer that states

"We will do everything in our power to make sure your name is spelled correctly and we don't miss any names or leave anyone out. However, mistakes are made, and if we make one here, be assured there is no intent. We ask for your forgiveness, with the understanding that once the film is released, we won't be able to make any changes."

As both a Kickstarter creator and pledger this statement doesn't get me excited to pledge. It basically says we'll take your $250 but you may not get your reward. This statement really needs to be modified. There should be no comment on how someone may be left out, especially since the reward is only limited to 99 people. You'd better not leave anyone out. A better statement would have been:

"We will do everything in our power to make sure your name is spelled correctly. Please make sure you are submitting the proper name the way you want it to be spelled. This is the name we will use in the end credits and it cannot be changed once the movie is released."

Other than that I have no problems with the project other than I just don't find the movie concept to be that exciting. I may very well pledge because I'm a MJH fan, but I think it's tough to get to Veronica Mars level excitement for a project that no one is familiar with.

Veronica Mars already had a built in fan base and a movie was something alot of people were clamoring for for a while. That's why that Kickstarter took off like it did.

$25 grand 4 days in and they're aiming to raise 2 million with 40 days to go. It's a slow start but we can't count them out just yet. I wish her the best of luck in getting this done, hopefully with her fan base and the right push she can really pull this off. Good luck to you Melissa.

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  1. the important thing is that they actually complete their project (whether they make their goal or not), and make sure they honor every last one of their pledgers that did contribute. those contributions are from the biggest fans. they should take special care to spell their names correctly. ;D