Sunday, March 31, 2013

Toy Story (The Walking Dead Version)

There was a meme going around about how The Walking Dead and Toy Story were actually quite similar. This got my brain working and I threw this together.

I really had alot of fun putting this together. Took me two days. Used Hitfilm 2 Ultimate for compositing and color correction. Edited the whole thing with Sony Vegas Pro.

Yes I should be editing my movie, and I am, but you gotta take those quick creative breaks or you;ll go nuts. I'm glad I did this one cuz it really helped me figure a few things out creatively, stuff I never would have thought of before.

The cover art on the video I did not put together, grabbed that from someone online. If that's you're handy work then I thank you. The final shot before the end titles in the video is a variation on another artist's work. Woody riding Bullseye into Atlanta is a brilliant idea and should be credited to ~Toooooony on deviantart.

I had a quite a good time setting Al's Toy Barn on fire, and placing a zombie in front of Pizza Planet. I almost extended the soundtrack just so I could make a longer video, I kept coming up with nifty ideas. But I needed to wrap it up, keep it short, head back to working on REDD.

I really tried to get some of the same textures, grunge, and color of the Walking Dead intro.

This was sort of an eerie shot of a blurred out Woody staring out at Andy't room.

One of the first shots I thought of was taking the Pizza Planet truck and giving it some battle damage. Adding bullet holes in the body and the glass was something I really got a kick out of. I regret not adding a blood stin down the car door. 

Copying Rick's newspaper shot from the Season 1 intro. Had to build a new paper which of course meant me playing with some of the headlines. 

This is one of my favorite shots. Strategically positioned CG fire and inserted a Walker sauntering past the camera. 

Tim Allen as Buzz. Of course I used Shane's section. Used an all new picture frame and had to do all new shards of broken glass.

 I thought it would be neat to have a crawling insect over a shot, so I had a bug crawl across the Sunny Side box.

 I actually borrowed a still from the actual Walking Dead Intro for Sarah Wayne Callies section. Used the same frame and background but had to add in Jessie and lay new pieces of broken glass over her.

 Mimicing what I did with Shane / Buzz's picture frame.

 Again working off the idea that it would be funny to see Walkers in front of well known Toy Story locations.  

This was an idea I immediately got excited about. It makes me laugh when I see it. Blood trickling down Woody's shoe right over Andy's name. 

Mandatory! Needed to use some sort of reference to A-113 like you'd see in most Pizar movies. 

This shot of the toys lying lifeless in the bin I thought was rather eerie and I decided to use it as the second to the last shot. Helps signify the toys as a group sort of a live together die together type of message. 
 And the final shot that is based off of Art work by ~Toooooony on deviantart. I felt it was the perfect ender for the entire piece.

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  1. This is so awesome. One of the most creative things I have seen in such a long time. Great job but unfortunately some mofo stole your vid and put it up himself.