Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pre-Production: Breaking Down The Script

One of the crucial parts of making a movie is taking the script and breaking it down so you can figure out logistically how you can shoot everything you need. How I do things varies from production to production. The bigger the production the more organization is needed. I may not always adopt the same system as the big studios do, but there are similarities between mine and theirs. The important part is getting it organized so you can shoot your movie.

I'll be covering how I do things in a later post, especially in a DIY No-Budget Situation. For now here are a few links on breaking down scripts followed by a video by Film Riot and then an 18 video Playlist from Expert Village on How To Breakdown Your Script utilizing a production board.

Film Riot - How To Plan A Movie Shoot

Expert Village: How To Make A Script Production Board

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