Friday, February 8, 2013

Hits and Misses (Making a No-Budget Movie)

I’ve been editing video since before high school. I love it. I love manipulating images to tell a story. It’s therapeutic for me. Like solving a puzzle or laying out cards in a game of solitaire, it puts me in a zone. Except here I get to express myself. Some people write in a diary, others talk to a counselor. Making movies, editing footage, that’s where my therapy comes from, that’s how I deal.

After my brother died I certainly had alot to deal with. And after the past couple of years filled with more downs than ups, I certainly had much to express. This was a tough one to work on. Took me about a year just because this was an emotional subject. But I felt like I needed to finish this one.

This is about the process of how I make movies, and about what drives me to finish this one.

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