Saturday, January 12, 2013

REDD Update 1/12/13

Concept art for REDD by Kelley Kombrinck

Composite Shot. The bad guys from our feature film REDD.
Richard Gaither is CHAPEL with the eye patch.
Alethea Delmage plays SNOW. Behind them are Grimm Soldiers

First off, YES, this is a new blog. This will be the hub for updates on WTW Productions and how we do what we do. This will also be a place where I post alot about moviemaking, special fx, behind the scenes on all movies, and anything and everything that may help in inspiring myself and others in their travels to make movies.

Second off (no one says that ever) if you're not aware of REDD, feel free to find out more about it HERE. To sum up it is our no-budget / micro budget Sci-Fi Adventure Feature Film that has a bit of spin on the Red Riding Hood tale, but not really.

We've been shooting this movie since March of 2011. We had a successful Kickstarter Campaign Summer of 2012. We just wrapped up a successful IndieGoGo Campaign. And now we go into the final months (we hope) heading towards wrapping up REDD.

Richard Gaither in his living room.

Our No-Budget efforts continue. Knocking out green screen shots left and right. I swear we've set this thing  up everywhere. In the early days it was just me slapping the green cloth up on a wall and sticking duct tape up all around it. We did this for the first time over a year ago in Richard Gaither's living room.

Me enjoying the hell out of this studio.

Then in early 2012 I was able to rent out some warehouse space and create small studio space. I bought extra cloth and set up a large green screen where we got to knock out ALOT of footage.

Jennifer Russoli as CARTER

Now in these last few months I've taken that cloth and put together a portable mini green screen. And that's what we've been shooting with as of late. It's come in very handy. With the large studio we were able to knock out the bigger action pieces that required alot of movement as well as scenes that had more than 2  people in the shot. Now we're getting into inserts and pick up shots that only require one person, and this tiny green screen has been great.

Shaun Holcomb in the mask as
his son holds the green screen.

We've been setting it up in living rooms when the weather has been nasty. But if the weather is good enough I love setting it up outside in the shade. Give is nice even lighting. Today there was an overcast making the lighting nice and even.

I put together a basic PVC frame from pipe I had used from a DIY light stand. Wrapped it with the green cloth. It's sturdy and light enough to carry around anywhere.

Here are some pics from today's shoot. Thanks to Kelly Emerson and her family for letting us shoot at her ranch.

Alethea Delmage is SNOW

Prop table

Tom Gore carrying Amanda Elizabeth

Alethea and Tom

The cheesy 80's buddy cop pose

Amanda doubling for April Crum as REDD. Tom Gore plays a Grimm Cyborg.

Alethea at the IHOP after shooting. Hair down make up still on.

Ok, I've got to get to work on this Ad that needs to be edited. More on REDD later.

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