Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kaleb Lechowski is heading for Hollywood

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22-Year-Old's Sci-Fi Digital Short Gets Hollywood's Attention

22 year old Kaleb Lechowski's impressive CG animated short film is so impressive that it has attracted a Hollywood agency.

Congrats to him. The short looks amazing. And he definitely put alot of work into it. Great creativity, amazing detail, and wonderful imagination.

My question to you dear filmmakers. Can you do something just as impressive? Do you have it in you to create something with such great detail and effort that it could grab Hollywood's attention? I know when I watch the short I see scenes that are similar to shots I have in my feature REDD. I immediately realize I need to step my game up. I also see alot of things that make me go "Hey I can do that!" Then I immediately think "Well then, why don't I."

Check it out for yourself. Let it inspire and motivate you.

A very similar plot to Battlestar Galactica, but still very imaginative. I really enjoyed this. If you want you can follow Kaleb on Tumblr

This short is another example of what lone indies can create on their own effort and creativity and on a limited budget. If you're not impressed by Kaleb's work then here are a few other videos created by some other impressive indies that make me want to step my own game up.

Corridor Digital has grown to become very popular on YouTube by creating several amazing shorts, many of them based on popular video games. This one is by far my favorite.

I really enjoyed this action short by Pwnisher using props and weapons made from cardboard.

An impressive Sci-Fi short film by filmmaker Ricardo de Montreuil made for a budget of $5000.

Azureus Rising is a Proof of Concept short by filmmaker David Weinstein. Impressive animation.

Here is Ben Craig's Sci-Fi master piece. Very impressive visuals. Shot over a weekend.

There are several more movie makers out there making amazing things for no money and running on their own creativity and effort. As I always say, there is absolutely no excuses when it comes to Independent Movie Making. If these people can create something mind blowing, why can't you or I? So get to it.

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