Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Casting For A Book Trailer / Shooting in Winston Salem, NC.

A book trailer for the Children's Book BENOTRIPIA: STONES OF HORSH is looking to cast 5 parts.

This is part of a book series created by McKenzie Wagner the young 12 year old author who's series is gaining popularity. Find out more at her site:

One days work. There is minimal pay. Definitely perfect if you're looking to fill your reel and resume.

Would prefer that you were local to Winston Salem, NC.

We need to cast these parts quickly as we'll be shooting as soon as all the parts are cast.

Submit your headshot and resume to

Those selected may be asked to submit a video audition. Especially the part of ASTRO as he is the only character with dialogue.


ASTRO: 13 Years Old / Male. Spikey Jet Black Hair. Has the ability to manipulate electricity. Shoot lightning from his fingers.

ROSEABELLE: 13 Years Old / Female. Strawberry Blonde or Red Hair. Has the ability to travel through shadows and shape shift.

JESSICANA: 13 Years Old / Female. Beautiful Blonde Wavy Hair. She has the ability to change into a parrot.

SHEKLYTH: 30 Years Old / Female. Long Black Hair. Wears a hooded cloak. A bit gothy.

DASTROCK: 30 to 40 Years Old / Male. Red Hair. 6 ft. Broad Shoulders and Lean.

If you're chosen we may speak to you further about parts in other WTW Productions.

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