Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Proportional Response

I've been showing clips to several different people. Doing a bit of beta testing. A few chosen people have even seen the completed movie. The consensus is the same. "It's really good."

And that's why we're still working on it. Mainly because I'm perfecting the score, doing some minor re-shoots, and perfecting the FX. But also because "really good" isn't good enough for me.

I'm aiming for amazing.  If I aim high, then even if I miss, at least we'll land somewhere above "really good."

So one of the things I haven't been able to do is get alot of the final fight scenes to be really big. I needed alot of actors to play Grimm Soldiers in the final battle scenes. But I've been unsuccessful in coordinating everyone's schedules to get the amount of people I need.

So since I can't get an army of actors in, why not make it an army of Robots.  And all I'd need to do is build just one and multiply it in post.

I started with left over coffee containers, empty juice bottles, and some mini pads I bought for cheap at Goodwill.

Yes, that's a Planters Peanuts Bottle.

Put it all together with hot glue and cheap wood screws. Added a few details from plastic lids and caps.

Did a first coat of  black spray paint.

Then a coat of metallic silver. Letting it dry for 24 hours between coats helps keep it from chipping.

A final coat of off white on the body. It looks a bit orange thanks to the sun going down.

A final coat of black for the chest plate and shoulders.

After I'm done in post we'll have an army of flying robots.

This only cost about $7.

Before you know it this movie will be completely finished.

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